Sun Go(l)d

UnWelcomed Columbus

UnWelcomed Columbus (photo)


UnWelcomed Columbus, 2021, video, 0.38 min

Sun Go(l)d, 2021, video, 2.02 min

H(e)aven, 2021, video, 1.01 min

The video UnWelcomed Columbus was created in the front of the Monument to the Discovery Faith, known as el Monumento a Colón (the Monument to Columbus) at Punta del Sebo near Palos de la Frontera, from where Columbus set sail eventually reaching America in 1492. The driving force of the voyage was the discovery of a sea route to India, a land rich of the precious spices. The discovery of New Earth was an unexpected turning point that changed the course of history and started the massive colonization of the continent. Native American culture has been irretrievably destroyed by various tricks, promises, and violence.

Looking at the horizon of the sea, the artist evokes from the depths of oblivion the names of the big cities, cultural centres of Native Americans. The face is painted with yellow turmeric spice, which is a typical Indian spice coloured in gold. The face thus changes into the golden mask of the Incas or Aztecs, the "Indians" to whom colonization brought extinction.

With her performance, the author joins the current issues of re-evaluating history and decolonization.

Video Sun Go(l)d is a record of the reflection of the sun's rays on the sea surface. It is a reminder of the Sun God of the Native Americans and at the same time the voracious vision of the golden Eldorado of colonizers.

Video H(e)aven is a multiplied image of a harbour that is disturbed by falling "golden" spice. The title of the video refers to the multifaceted importance of the port as a refuge, but also a place from where discoveries of new countries and new utopias starts with ambivalent significance: what is for some heaven can be the hell for other.