Blue Blood – Red Trees

collage, photography, video

Superiority and blue blood are semantically related. In some case you can use "Superiority" instead a noun phrase "Blue blood". This term refers to European Royal nobility and is a metaphor that describes the blue appearance of the veins under the white skin.

Surprisingly, the nickname “blue bloods” did not originate in England but rather in Spain, from the phrase “sangre azul”. During the 8th century A.D., Spain, as well as a large portion of Europe, was ruled by Moors. Spanish aristocracy tried to differentiate their appearance by avoiding the sun in order to preserve their light skin. People with dark-skin were seen as low-class workers and descendants of the invaders.

The term “blue blood” so refers to the social superiority of white race.

The tree was the symbol used to describe a family discendency. In the past, family trees were reserved for the feudal upper classes, who used them to consolidate their social status. The red tree was a popular part of aristocratic gardens due to its unusualness.