Melon Heads don’t like ice cap, 2021, video, in loop

Don't listen to his advice! He's a total melon head when it comes to climate change.

The video humorously reflects the serious threat of the environmental crisis. On the melon, a fruit that needs plenty of sun, but also plenty of moisture, people's smiling faces appear. Older, well-dressed white men and one woman, despite their gallant appearance, are extremely dangerous to the society - Benjamin Sporton, James Inhofe, Myron Ebell, Patrick Michaels, Marc Morano, Chris Horner, Bjorn Lomborg, Fiona Wild, Matt Ridley, Steve Milloy, James Taylor, Fred Singer. They are connected to the fossil fuel industry, negate the climate change, and from their position complicate the adoption of environmental agreements.

The sound is an authentic recording from a public video that captures tourists watching the falling glaciers. People are overwhelmed by natural theater, they strongly express emotions of enthusiasm, which underlines the absurdity of the situation.