Danse Macabre, 2021, video, in loop

The video reflects the connection between the Christian cult of death and the national Slovak folklore / traditions.

Christianity has greatly influenced the development of European culture. We may not even realize how Christianity is linked to the cult of death, the fear of the death penalty, but also to colonialism and the concept of patriarchy. Slovakia has a double cross in its emblem and has always been closely connected with the Christian faith. The first Slovak state was established in agreement with the German fascist empire under the leadership of a priest, Jozef Tiso. Under the guise of a national revival, crimes have been committed and more than 70,000 of our fellow-citizens Jews have been deported from the country to the concentration camps. Through the grotesque, the video tries to overcome the tradition and tragic history.

Music: SĽUK, www.fondtlk.sk