Crossing the Border / Wwweast

video (excerpt), 13:10 min / adhesive film on glass

The work refers to the various virtual, mental and geopolitical directions of our country nowadays: Where are we heading?

Video Crossing the Border is a record of the crossing the border from Slovakia, Bratislava Petrzalka , to Kittsee, Austria. In the time of socialism, until 1989, this border crossing point, as a part of a relatively narrow possible transition to Western Europe, was strictly guarded. Anybody who wants to escape from the dictatorship to Western Europe risked his life. The bottom part of the video shows the names of convicts under §109 between 1977 and 1989 who emigrated or tried to emigrate. Over 4000 people emigrated in those years, between them also the 900 people which names and date of birth are recorded in the video.

Source: Institute of the Memory of the Nation.