The first woman in Tatra mountain

action, series of photos and videos

Beata Laska was the first known woman to take a trip to the Tatra mountain. In 1565 she got to the Green Lake with a group of townspeople. At that time it was considered immoral, what used her husband, who had imprisoned her in the castle tower after her return. According to legend, she had a window in the cell from which she could look at the Tatra mountain as punishment. Beata was not released until about 6 years later by the new owner of the castle as sick-minded.

A series of photos and video documents the way to the Green Lake in Tatra mountain. The woman's hair are left to float on the surface of the lake. Historically, the hair symbolizes women's freedom and at the same time mind-sick women (women covered their hair after the wedding; crazy women wandered alone with loose hair).

The hair have been carried down to the city after the event.