object (mixed media), performance video

The work reflects consumer behaviour in tourism. Consumer behaviour involves certain decisions, activities and ideas that are supported by tourism marketing.

In Vienna, the legend of Empress Elisabeth, called Sisi, is largely supported by tourist offices. Elisabeth has gone down in history as an empress of eternal youthfulness and beauty. On the other hand, she has made no other major contribution to Europe and hardly expressed any political opinions in the final decades of her life.

Habsburger is a link between the burger as a symbol of consumption and the popular portrait of Sisi, the Empress of the Habsburg monarchy.

The performance creates a new relationship between the monument, and the visitor. It was execute at the famous statue of Elisabeth in the Volksgarten park with the unsolicited participation of several groups of Asian tourists. The transfer of body weight to burgers under the shoe of the statue of the Empress expresses submission to tourist consumption.