In my work I deal with the topic of utopia, personal mythology, oscillation between the past and the future, environmental issues.

According to Zygmunt Bauman, utopia it lies in the tension between the criticism of the present in a search for solutions in the future made with reference to the past. Utopia is inherently ambivalent, and that is what I am interested in - the discrepancy between the pursuit of perfection and an alternative to the current situation in conflict with the reality of human nature and emotions.

Utopia can be a search for an ideal form of architecture and society, childhood memories, paradise garden, New Age as a mix of different esoteric approaches.

Paradise is a spiritual utopia, a fata morgana of humanity. It is the past golden age, but also the promise of future life after death, eternal hope, the dream of a carefree anchorage in the abundance of a blossoming / rose garden. The Garden of Eden is also a reference to ecotopia, a return to (tamed) nature. Environmental issues are essential nowadays. How we approach them will depend on our survival as a species. How we approach these issues will determine our survival as a species.

The quest to create paradise on earth has led humanity to create plans for ideal utopian cities. The ideal city is inhabited by perfect people who have lost their individuality and are under the constant supervision of the God eye / eye of camera. The specifics of a utopian city / state are its delimitation, the boundary to the surrounding world, the prohibition of free movement. The totalitarian establishments of the twentieth century were an example of an attempt to put utopian ideas into practice, which resulted in dystopia. These programs of misfortune were a clear example of how ideas are distorted under the weight of a particular local situation and general human weaknesses.

Slovakia is a country that was administered by the communist regime for more than 40 years. The consequences of the totalitarian socialist establishment can be seen even today - not only as physical monuments of abandoned memorials and densely populated panel blocks, but mainly as a society that is suspicious, less tolerant, inelastic.

In my work I try to capture some of these aspects. This is not a thorough description, but rather an ambiguous transfer of references and meanings.