Sleeping with Dolly

installation, photography, digital collage

material: sheep fur, black stockings, warning tape

The work deals with the relationship between the past and the future, scientific research and ethical issues related to reproduction.

Aries Khnum was the god of creation in the Egyptian religion, forming human bodies from clay and then inserting them into the women's womb. In the Christian European tradition, we know in particular the image of the "Lamb of God" - representing innocence, purity and sacrifice for a higher good.

Slovakia is a country with a long tradition of sheep breeding. Each of them could potentially be a Dolly sheep. Dolly the sheep (1996 - 2003) was the first mammal cloned from an adult cell by nuclear transfer. Aries is not needed in this process. In the public, this alternative to reproduction immediately set off a wave of fear, disgust and moral outrage. A fundamental argument against cloning is the claim that bringing children into the world in this way is a violation of natural order and human dignity as an act of "playing God." Some critics also fear the impact on our species, as donors with high intelligence and good physical condition would be preferred. Such a choice would bring humanity closer to some utopian plans, leading to a fundamental change in society.

Dolly the sheep ended her life in 2003 with euthanasia, which is another of the burning ethical or moral issues.