Circle I - VI

Quadrangle I - VI

Triangle I-VI

Circle, Quadrangle, Triangle

"Nature and its geometries seem to be opposite and yet they live together inside the works by Balunova. A pure geometry is an abstraction and it is motivated by the desire to represent Nature in a simplified way.

Simplification do exists even in the photographs by the artist and it is well recognizable in the series: Circle, Quadrangle, Triangle, where the artist plays with geometrical shapes by relating them with different meanings.

The same shape is repeated and guides us from an “inside” to an “outside” and vice versa using the invisible paths followed by the artist. The works by Balunova allows us to move virtually in each direction: home, city and nature and she signals and guides us towards the path she desires.

The inner space of a house or building let us stop for a minute and then we are plunged into the city or nature. The latter joins the game and breaks the geometrical lines in order to resume its own shape. It is the perennial struggle for balance between nature and civilization."

Willy Darko, curator