Non-possibility of escape

2022, site-specific installation, Postpost Gallery, Brno, CZ

Installation reacts on the specific off space gallery that is situated in the showcase in a public space.

"The side-specific installation Non-possibility of escape is an alteration of the project Joyous Lock (Kotolňa Gallery, 2021), which explored the limitations of relationships and movement (during a pandemic) and the horizons of individual human boundaries, with references to Franz Kafka's short story, The Burrow (1931). The installation's radical sign symbolism appeals to a reassessment of both the displayed and read work, framed by the viewer's subjective imagination and the (physical) space of the display case itself.

The metaphorical embodiment of the title can become a ladder leading nowhere (the way to heaven) or parts of warning tapes, deprived of their functionality to restrict a specific place and thus negating their primary essence. The pink colour of innocence or carefree (good times) takes on additional layers of interpretation in the context of the present, transcending fragments of prejudices and stereotypes. The plastic flowers, (recycled from the authentic environment of the cemetery) at the same time objectify the opposite of the impermanence of the human organism, they are a persistent ruin (a living and dead metaphor of paradise) in the utopia of a flowing world.

The author appeals visually and spatially to the reality of the present, to the issue of often non-verbalized, yet resonating events and phenomena in society. The latter, despite the daily intensifying warning signals, embodies an army of individualities (human organisms) in a constant cycle of consumerism (through their physical and mental activity) dancing in a circle of Uroboros, an uninterrupted ride on a gradually, but obviously worn-out merry-go-round of their own self-destruction."

Text: Viktória Pardovičová, curator

Photos: Tamara Pavlechová